Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pratt

I'm going to begin my inevitable return to Shondaland with a congratulations to Ms. Viola Davis for her historic and overdue Emmy win.  Her win and her speech and her overall awesomeness are the main reason I'm bothering with Season 2 of How to Get Away with Murder, which - I must admit - has started off rather well.

That being said, so did Season 1.

Y'all, Annalise really needs to get her world in order.  She is, quite literally, drowning in bodies and surrounded by idiot murderers.  I mean, her deceased hubby Sam had his mistress murdered.  Then Annalise's students accidentally murdered Sam, in defense of Wes's drug-dealing girlfriend Rebecca.  The at the end of Season 1, someone murders Rebecca.

Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left off, letting us know fairly quickly the Bonnie the Blonde Lawyer thought it would be a genius idea to kill Rebecca and leave her corpse in the basement.  Luckily, Annalise and Frank, her hitter/killer/hacker for hire associate, are smart and quick enough to pretend one of the Keating Five let Rebecca go, while disposing of the body (correctly this time).


Comic Book Sisters: Sherita of Sirens

I picked up the first four issues of this sci-fi series, written and illustrated by George Perez. The reason, of course, is Sherita. While browsing in Oxford Comics, the below image caught my eye and I was immediately stoked to see this beautiful sistah front and center in a sci-fi comic book.  Without hesitation, I snatched up all the available issues and asked about the ETA of the remaining two issues.  Of course, I was not able to procure them prior to my departure...and you'll soon learn why I'm not pressed about it either.

Reversion (2015)

Apparently, Aja Naomi King has a movie that is going to be released soon, and I’m ashamed to admit that I had no idea.  It’s called Reversion, a sci-fi/thriller that is slated to have a limited release on Oct. 9 before being released nationally.

The wonderful Shadow & Act put this movie on my radar, and based on the terrific trailer, I’m definitely going to check it out.

Courtesy of Shadow & Act:
"The film stars Aja Naomi King ("How to Get Away with Murder") as Sophie Clé, "a delighted user of the Oubli, a wisp of high-tech jewelry that wraps behind the ear and uses neuroscience to help its users experience their most joyful memories as if they were happening for the first time. In addition to being the head of marketing for the company that makes this revolutionary memory-enhancing wearable device, she is also the daughter of its inventor, Jack Clé (Colm Feore). Sophie’s most joyful memory is the last day she saw her mother alive, fifteen years earlier. But on the eve of the Oubli’s worldwide launch, a stranger named Isa (Jeanette Samano) kidnaps Sophie, setting off a chain of events that remind us all, you can’t escape what you can’t forget."
I can’t even begin to express my excitement over this. It’s not very often we get thrillers, and sci-fi thrillers no less, starring women of color. Especially black women. So to see another talented black actress in this type of role is heartening. And from a business standpoint, it only makes sense.

This time last year, we saw Taraji P. Henson starring in No Good Deed, and most recently, The Perfect Guy, starring Sanaa Lathan. To no ones surprise but the media, both movies were hits and made Screen Gems many millions of dollars on movies with very modest budgets. Here’s hoping for a three-peat.


#Wayment...Is this an actual trend?

From Fed Up Black Woman:
Another one: "Confessions Of a Former Self Hating Black Man who Used to Bash Black women on Social Media"

Does he want a cookie now? Lmao!

I have to side eye this, because I feel like he’s saying that he’s only giving black women a chance now, because he no longer has access to white and non-black women who are the object of his desires. And it shouldn’t take a case like Trayvon for a black man to have to respect for the opposite gender who shares his history and skin color.

Was it really self hate? A self hater wants nothing to do with their own, he clearly had no problem only wanting the only black people around him to be black men.

That’s messed up, because the sista who would end up in the relationship with him wouldn’t be genuinely liked by this person.

And would he be so called “woke” if white and non-black women were still accessible to him? If there weren’t any media coverage of police brutality and sista soldiers out there marching for his rights as a black man, would he even had made this confession?

Should we go and pat Tommy Sotomayor on the back too while we’re at it?

And judging by the comments why are black women so forgiving? I’ve never seen black women this forgiving towards others, not even other black women. When have we ever forgiven discriminatory people without making them see their wrong doings?

Black women don’t need triggering things, and influences to support black men, whether we’re young or old. We have an emotional connection to black men, that black men DO NOT have for us, and he basically proved this through the article.
She goes on to re-post the actual "confession" and link back to the original site. Of course...by the time I got there, there were no forgiving sistas.  I repeat: No Forgiving Sistas ('cept one). In fact, there was a long line of 'em waitin' to tear him a new one, and I have a feeling FUBW's blog had a little somethin' to do with that.

What do y'all think, ladies?


Black Girls' Night Out: Vixen

When I heard that Vixen was getting her very own show, I was excited.  A black superheroine getting her own show?  On The CW no less?  Score!  I was a little put off by the fact that it was going to be a cartoon airing only on the network’s online platform, but I gamely pushed aside my misgivings.

 But then I learned it was only going to be six episodes.  I wasn’t thrilled about it, but okay.  The network wanted it to run up until The Flash and Arrow premieres since they all share the same universe and Vixen is being used to introduce magic into that ‘verse.  So fine…six episodes it is.  And then I learned about a day or so before the August 25th series premiere that the show was going to be one 30 minute long episode broken up into six, five minute episodes. 

To say I was highly disappointed is an understatement.  While I’m glad Vixen got her own show, I think she deserves better than that.  And that feeling only solidified after I watched the first episode.  It was extremely short, clocking in at only four minutes and nineteen seconds, including the opening and ending credits.  I barely got time to get into it before it was over.


NYT Apologizes for Using the Term "Slave Mistress"

 Via New York Times:
There’s no question that Times editors heard readers’ voices loud and clear. Retiring this phrase and expressing regret about using it has nothing to do with political correctness. It’s about recognizing the history of slavery in America, at a time when race is at the forefront of the nation’s consciousness. Language matters. This is the right call.
They shouldn't have used that phrase to describe Julian Bond's great-grandmother in the first place.  It's hard to believe that professional, thinking people would've given the go ahead to publish it at all.

That's why it's imperative to have a diverse pool of employees who can provide perspectives from different cultural experiences.  They'd be able to tell editors that things like this aren't a good idea before they're even published.  Then they wouldn't have to keep apologizing after the fact.

But only after they get called out.  Let none of us forget that part.