Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pratt

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Viola Davis is Beautiful


Critics are raving about How to Get Away with Murder, and I will be no different.  In the 21st Century, the modern warrior woman who slaughters her enemies in courtrooms, classrooms, and conference rooms is a much-needed sight.  Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating embodies this.

Before, when the premise was released a few months back, we were concerned with her relationship issues.  She was married and sleeping with someone else.  Well, remember that murder plot the series revolves around?  The victim his her husband, a white psychology professor whom her students kill for some reason (it's an arc, so....we have to wait).

The guy Annalise was cheating with is the supervising mocha-skinned muscle-y detective on the case she's working (she's a defending an attempted murdered whom she already knows is guilty).  She uses the detective to discredit video footage of her client.  And Annalise does it slowly, insidiously, casually bringing up the fact that the night of the murder, when he should've been home with his wife (newly diagnosed with cancer), he was off visiting "a friend" (as in, he was on his knees in her kitchen with his face buried between her thighs).

Oh, yeah...she's that ruthless.


Black Girls Behaving Badly: Danièle Watts

By now we've all read about how Danièle Watts accused the LAPD of racially profiling her and suspecting her of being prostitute.

Civil rights leaders have since asked Watts to apologize for the accusation (seeing as she was allegedly screwing her boyfriend in a car), and she has refused.

Some things to note:

1) This does not let the LAPD off the hook.  Were we to do things all over again, we'd automatically still take Watts's word over the cops.  We have no solid evidence she was fucking her boyfriend in that car, and POC really don't like it when the cops stop us for (seemingly) no goddamn reason.  The boyfriend has even stated this is the third time cops have randomly stopped the two of them.  Fashion tip: no one actually gets "used" to that shit simply because it keeps happening.  If anything they get angrier every time it does, and are far more liable to snap.

So Watts's screw-up doesn't give cops (especially white cops) any newfound credibility.  The relationship we have with the po-po will remained unchanged until further notice

2) People keep citing Watts's Django Unchained credit like this is all she's ever done.  Her list of credits is actually more extensive than folks would have you believed.  She's a bona fide actress.  So although she's never been a tabloid target, she's been working rather steadily over the last fourteen years.  Now, I can't say recent events will do her resume any good....

3) This situation has earned Danièle Watts a Nita Jade Hanson Award*.  Fuck nominations and suggestions; the trophy is hers.


Black Girls' Night Out: An African City

Can't believe I didn't post this here sooner.  Anyone else impatiently waiting for Season 2?



Dear white people on my Facebook feed: I love you. I really do. But seriously, please take some advice from one white person to another. Don’t look publicly stupid by arguing any of the following about Ferguson:

1) “‘They’re'” just playing the race card it’s not about race.” Yes, it is. Because no matter what we find out when the Michael Brown investigation is over, young black men are being profiled and targeted by police in a way that white men are not. If you’re 18 and you’re white you get a chance to explain yourself. If you’re 18 and you’re black your parents (maybe) get an attorney to explain your death. That’s not equality. And see those quotes around “they’re?” The fact that you think this is “their” problem and not OUR problem shows you that segregation is alive and well–at least in your mind.

2) “But our president is black so race is no longer a factor.” A black president doesn’t mean shit. One half-white, Harvard-educated head of state doesn’t indicate any more about the average black experience in America than Bill Gates’s wealth indicates about my bank account. We both white. We ain’t both rich.

3) “This stuff happens to white kids too but no one talks about it.” What the fuck are you talking about? No. This kind of thing doesn’t happen to white kids too. You know why? Because white people have power by virtue of being white. When a white kid dies under suspicious circumstances, people pay attention. Police don’t prey on white people. Because they can’t. And even if you find a couple of analogous situations YOU STILL WON’T GET ANYWHERE CLOSE to what the black community experiences every day. Get your head out of your ass. You don’t even believe this shit.

Why I'm Justified

I've been meaning to sit down and write this post, but I got caught up in the marvelously sexy, dark, and malevolently murderous world of Macallan and Madalyne Zhou.  And Ankh kinda started it.  But it's time to pause for the cause.

A little while ago, I got hit up on social media by someone who wanted to get to know me.  I was comfortable with being an online pal, as we live on two separate continents, and this was established by me immediately.  But for whatever reason, this person jumped in with both feet and wanted to start exchanging information, as in pictures.   Somebody had defined notions of beauty, and s/he "needed" to know what I looked like in order to "assign values."  In order to be an online buddy.

*snort*  Think about that for a second.  

More on the algebra fuckshit in a moment.