NBC...More Alfre Woodard, Please

Let me be clear; I do not want State of Affairs to be canceled.  Despite my gripes with this show, it is nooooooowhere near as bad as Deception.

The show is slowly starting to find its footing, but Alfre Woodard remains the primary highlight.  Whoever thought to cast her as President Constance Payton is brilliant.  Whoever thought cast Courtney B. Vance as her First Gentleman, Mr. Marshall Payton - genius.

I don't know how long these actors have known each other in real life, but their chemistry is immediate.  I was convinced they are a married couple.  I was convinced Constance and Marshall are genuinely grieving the loss of their only child.  But because Constance is POTUS, she has to put the concerns of a nation ahead of her family's, and the tension that causes with her husband is awesome.

I'm also digging her ruthless heroism; I like how Payton lets Heigl's character know that she's not the only source of info for the Oval Office.  The presidency really is not for the faint of heart, and now that they're introducing more political players and widening the POTUS's role on the show there's so much potential to continue to show how far she's willing to go.

Fitz...ain't got nothin' on this, y'all.  I hate to say it, but in the competition of who has the best POTUS, it's SOA -1, Scandal - 0.

But I need more.  I can't do a Black Girls' Night Out series with the material given thus far.  And as it stands, NBC's trying to make Kathering Heigl the next Kerry Washington/Olivia Pope and it simply won't work.  They'll need to take a different tack with that one.


Black Girls' Night Out: Iris West

In the last two episodes of The Flash, we saw Barry lose his powers, Iris defeat the Clock King and the Flash and the Green Arrow go at it in a crossover for the ages (#Flarrow).

Iris continues to be an absolute delight, and I've got to say, I'm loving Candice Patton's portrayal of her.  She's smart, funny, supportive, headstrong and they aren't afraid to show that two decent men are head over heels in love with her.  Her origin story is continuing to move along, and I'm hoping the writers continue to do right by her. As we all know, Hollywood has a dismal track record with characters of color, especially black women (see Person of Interest, Twisted, and most recently, Sleepy Hollow), so I'm going to continue to watch with enjoyment but will definitely keep an eye out for any oncoming bullshit.

And although I immensely enjoy her scenes with The Flash, I'd rather her find out Barry's secret sooner rather than later.  The whole "keeping her in the dark for her own good" thing will get old really quickly if they drag it out for too long.  I've heard that she's supposed to find out soon, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll find out by the end of tomorrow's mid-season finale.

With that said, on to the first episode.


"Hell, No"

So I'm having this serious awestruck moment with the widow of Eric Garner, Mrs. Esaw Garner.

You know how these murderous cops/vigilantes have the gall to get on TV or in front of a crowd and talk that bullshit about "Sorry for your loss, blah blah blah, your family's in my prayers, blah blah blah, hope you can accept this toilet paper apology, blah blah blah"?

Mrs. Garner had a more than appropriate response:


Don't me get wrong, if people want to forgive those who've trespassed against them because it lifts a weight, then they should do what they gotta do. But it's always good to see and hear someone like Esaw Garner who's not trying to hear that bull, and who vehemently and openly rejects those patently hollow statements.


Black Girls' Night Out: Iris West

As soon as I heard that The CW was moving forward with a Flash TV show last fall, the fangirl in me was super excited. When I found out that they were specifically casting a black woman to play the iconic Iris West, award-winning journalist and the matriarch of the Flash Family, that excitement multiplied tenfold.

So far, I'm loving what I'm seeing, although I really do hope they let Iris in on Barry's secret sooner rather than later.  In my experience dealing with fandoms, the person in the dark will get hell from the fans, not the people keeping the secret.  And being that Iris is a black woman and some are already calling her annoying, dumb, irritating, a weak link, a problem, and a whole host of other unflattering adjectives, time is definitely not on her side.

It's their loss however, because Iris West as played by Candice Patton is a gem and an absolute joy to watch.  She's smart, beautiful, supportive, inquisitive, stubborn, and feminine. She’s a one-time police academy recruit turned graduate student who’s currently working toward her Ph.D in Criminal Psychology. She’s recently found a love of journalism and started a blog about the mysterious red streak that’s been saving people around Central City. She’s in a happy, healthy relationship with her cop boyfriend, and has a happy, healthy relationship with her father Detective Joe West and her best friend Barry Allen. And according to Grant Gustin (The Flash himself), she’s also the love of Barry’s life.

After last week’s episode, we also learn that she’s a badass, but I'm getting ahead of myself.


Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pratt

OMG, Sam Keating is such a piece of shit.

Or should I say "was".  It's been a good long while since I've been this glad to see someone get got on a TV show.  Let me get this out of the way first: Rebecca didn't kill Sam.  Wes did in the office with the trophy.

And when he tells the bloody corpse he's sorry, Annalise - calmly watching from her desk - coolly tells him, "Don't be."

Behold the instant redemption of Annalise Keating.  I knew my girl wasn't no punk bitch.  Every woman has a threshold, and after these past two weeks, she sure as hell crossed hers.

Let's recap: Sam Keating cheated on his first wife and left her for Annalise.  He then screwed his students while married to Annalise.  Then, when Bonnie - Annalise's odd blonde associate - had a chat with Sam about Lila's murder and being pregnant at the time of death, he played on her emotions, begging her to have his back once again...and kissed her.  And he did this during a murder investigation caused by his adulterous tendencies.

He also did this after a particularly vicious argument with Viola, in which he called her "foul", a "disgusting slut", and that the only reason he ever spoke to her was that he saw her as a "piece of ass" who he'd knew would put out.  Sam says the only thing Annalise was good for was the rough, nasty sex he wanted but always too ashamed to say loud.

Did I mention he chokes her in this scene?  Sooooooooo glad this man is dead.

Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

Okay, so I owe you two weeks and I gotta say: lame, lame, blasphemous.

Quick FYI: my uncle is my guinea pig; we meet on Saturdays to test my more creative recipes and dissect shows we watch.  The Uncle is straight up flabbergasted by what's going on with Olivia Pope and her willingness to kill her own father, 'cause yeah...this show went there.

Let me reiterate once more that the writers on this show seem to be at war with one another.  On the one hand, Mama Pope (who's back, by the way) and Daddy Pope are as different as night and day, yet when it comes to Liv and her white boys  the White House, they couldn't be more in sync: Fitz and Jake have got to go.

And yet, the writers think it's acceptable that a Black female star of her own show - a rarity, my Uncle kept pointing out - should kill her own father.  The same who sent her to all the best schools and has, in his own way, protected his daughter.  How many Black fathers and mothers would love to be able to educate their children comfortably, to send them abroad to sunny islands across crystal waters at whim.

This is the problem I've had with Liv ever since her father was introduced to the show.  Olivia Pope is not Meredith Grey.  She's a brown girl, and as educated as she is, she knows brown people history.  Ergo, she knows - or at least should know - that whining about Mommy and Daddy issues is a spoiled white girl's luxury.  I get that Shonda Rhimes is famous for her colorblind casting, but let's be realistic about this.  If Daddy Pope was my Daddy, or the Daddy of your average Black woman in America, complaints would not be in order.  I'd have a mansion in Manila, a high-rise in Seoul, a coastal villa in Thailand, and the hottest brown men in the world on my speed dial.

What I would not be doing, however, is mooning over the likes of Jake and fucking Fitz.

The winter finale ends with the Vice-President kidnapping Olivia in order to force Fitz to declare war.  *rolls eyes*

Betchu that wouldn't have happened if Daddy Pope hadn't lifted his protection, huh?


Candice Patton, You Have My Attention (@candicekp)

For weeks I was avoiding The Flash, until a reader told us Candice Patton was starring as Iris West, a passionate, ballsy blogger and the implied love interest of the titular hero (implied as in, "will be eventually").  And since said hero is a lanky, adorkable nerd with a seriously deep (and currently unrequited) crush on Iris, I figured...what the hell?

Finally...a BW/WM pairing that I can get behind.  Do you know how rarely that happens?

It's actually a very entertaining show, even when the eps that aren't so great sometimes (how weird is that?).  I credit the casting; there are some seriously awesome actors on this show.  Also, it's based on a comic book and when handled correctly, they are the best source material.  They tend to stick to the classics/basics: Shy Geek Loves Girl...but can't tell her (for whatever reason).  Geek then has an accident which makes him Super-Geek.  Geek loves Girl but still doesn't tell her that he's now Super-Geek.

Geek accidentally triggers steamy romantic moments while romancing Girl in Super-Geek mode*.

Gets us every time.

I have nominated Cin to do her BGNO.  *meaningfully looks at Cin*

*Don't ask me how come Girl never seems to notice right off the bat the Geek is also Super-Geek. *shakes head*