Bitch Planet

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I got hipped to this comic book via Jamie @Black Girl Nerds.  I’ve begun a quest of sorts to find and read comic books featuring sistahs who aren’t superheroes.  Needless to say, my list (as of right now) isn't very long.

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick & Valentine De Leandro, Bitch Planet is a comic designed to pay homage to the women’s prison exploitation films of the 70s (which I love).  In short, women who are non-compliant (and there are countless definitions of the word) in a futuristic society get sent to a prison planet where they are watched constantly and lorded over by men via an idealistic female hologram.


Black Girls' Night Out: Suhad (#Tut)

I'mma keep it real: Spike TV's Tut (2015) is a train wreck.  If you look at the action, plot, dialogue, acting, some of the set designs, and overall treatment of history, it's a bona fide hot-ass mess.  You've got Ancient Africa with only 2-3 people of actual indigenous African descent (think Exodus).  You've got an entire cast of actors doing, ahem, rather questionable British accents, and that includes the Brits themselves (like, really, dude?).


Athletic Sisters: The Return of Starr Andrews

Remember Starr?  Here's a quick refresher from when she was nine:

Aaaaand here she is, now fourteen:

So if she's fourteen now, she'll be seventeen come the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. She's already got ten years experience behind her and at fourteen she's doing certain moves (like the Bielmann spin) way better than some skaters in their teens and early twenties.  I'm routing for her hard, y'all, 'cause France and Australia can't be the only ones trying to put Black/Blasian girls on the ice.

We need to step up our representation in this sport and do the Goddess Surya proud.


#AndreaSmith, the Native American #RachelDolezal

...[S]ome white women seem determined NOT to look into their own cultures for sources of strength. This is puzzling, since pre-Christian European cultures are also earth-based and contain many of the same elements that white women are ostensibly looking for in Native American cultures. This phenomenon leads me to suspect that there is a more insidious motive for latching onto Indian spirituality.

When white "feminists" see how white people have historically oppressed others and how they are coming very close to destroying the earth, they often want to disassociate themselves from their whiteness. They do this by opting to "become Indian." In this way, they can escape responsibility and accountability for white racism.

Of course, white "feminists" want to become only partly Indian. They do not want to be part of our struggles for survival against genocide, and they do not want to fight for treaty rights or an end to substance abuse or sterilization abuse. They do not want to do anything that would tarnish their romanticized notions of what it means to be an Indian.

Riddle me this, ladies: why is it that when these white women appropriate not just an aspect of a culture, but the entire identity of a woman of color, the apologists can't seem to defend them fast enough.  But when members of the LGBT community finally do step out into the light and try to just be who they really are...they get punished?

Just something to think about....


Black Girls' Night Out: Here We Go Again

The folks behind the TV sequel to Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film Minority Report showed segments of the show’s pilot at San Diego Comic-Con. And I laughed. A lot. The problem is that it wasn’t at the parts that were supposed to be funny. This show is in serious denial about how goofy it is.

Minority Report show is set years after the movie, after PreCrime has been disbanded and the Precogs have been hidden in Witness Protection-like anonymity. One of the Precogs, Dash (played by Stark Sands in the TV series), has returned to Washington, DC, hoping to prevent murders before they happen and save lives. But Dash sees only images from the predicted crimes, and so far, he hasn’t been able to prevent a single murder by himself. But after he fails to save the latest victim, he’s determined to at least help put the murderer away, putting him in the path of homicide detective Lara Vega (Meagan Good).

Minority Report is a campy show that, at least from what I saw, refuses to acknowledge that it is a campy show.

Let's shuck right down to the cob, shall we? We've got Meagan Good playing a cop - again - opposite a white male lead - again - who has nowhere near her level of fame (Sleepy Hollow, anyone?)

I'm not touching this one.  Her last show, which shall not be named, robbed me of eleven hours of life I will never get back and I can't go through that again.

This is someone else's baby.


Athletic Sisters: Ciera Wilson

And here I thought were supposedly the constant butch ones who couldn't be petite or lithe or graceful or artistic.


Ciera has a new partner this year, Olivia Staff. Videos of just them haven't been uploaded yet.


Black Girl Dangerous talks Rihanna's BBHMM (#ZeroFucksGiven)

"...the fuck you lookin' at???"
Let me tell you what I see when I watch this video: I see a black woman putting her own well-being above the well-being of a white woman.

Let’s be clear: white women put their own needs and well-being above those of black women every day and call it “feminism”.

Here, Rihanna flips the script: if a white woman has to suffer some so that she, a black woman, can survive, so be it. After all, white women have been surviving on
our suffering for hundreds of years.

Black women are always expected to put our needs last on our list of priorities. Behind
everybody else’s. A black woman saying “my well-being (which is what money is—the ability to pay rent, feed ourselves, stay alive, etc.) is more important to me than the well-being of this random white woman” is what white feminists are really losing their shit over.

Imagine if instead of kidnapping the accountant’s wife, Rihanna and her crew kidnapped his brother? Would White Feminists™ be so upset? I doubt it. ...But here’s what white feminists don’t get (and what has them fucked up): black women often see white women as
the same as white men. The harm done to us by white men and white women isn’t vastly different to many of us. White women have been unapologetically violent towards black women for centuries. They’ve used the power of the state, of the police, of the courts, of the media, and of individual white men to harm black people, including black women, time and time again. They are as harmful to us as white men are. So, for many of us, kidnapping the white brother or the white wife is all the same.

In this video, Rihanna is unconcerned with the well-being of a white person (who is a woman), when her own well-being is at stake. In fact, she’s willing to do harm to her in order to survive. That’s the thing about this video that makes white feminists so very, very uncomfortable.

I’m not saying it’s okay for black women to harm white women. I’m saying that most of the time,
we don’t. I’m saying we are harmed by white women much, much more often and this is a revenge fantasy video that understands that, even if white feminists don’t.

~ Mia McKenzie, This Is What Rihanna’s BBHMM Video Says About Black Women, White Women and Feminism