The Dream is Real

A couple of weeks ago, Ankh and I were exchanging emails and she mentioned that she finally landed a gig she’s been wanting for a long time, in a location that she always wanted to be.  She then went on to gush about how she spends her free time doing the things she loves, and then she said, “I’m living my dream.”

I acknowledged how proud I was of her, and then also shared that I, too, was living my dream.  I’m an expat with a doctorate, and I am a published author.  I have a job that I love, and while I am not currently living in the part of the world where I always saw myself, I do know that I’ll get there one day.  That I even made it to Asia is a testament to my faith in God and my penchant for pensive persistence. 


Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

I was about to stall on this a little longer but then Cece D just had to go and post a Kid Fury video in which he's So Furiously puttin' Liv on blast.  The venom was such that I suddenly got motivated to hop on the hate train.


This season has made me feel like a broken record.  Since you've heard all my tracks before, let's just go down them one by one.

B613 is incompetent

You mean to tell me that the spy organization to which all other spy organizations bow to and beg for mercy can be shut down - and I mean shut down - simply by being hacked?  In what universe does that even happen?  Fucking terrorists even know better than to have a central unit where you store all your shit.  Fuck...any of y'all watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine back in the 1990s (seriously though; what happened to television)?  Remember Section 31?  For those of you not knowing, Section 31 was Star Trek's 24th Century-version of a B613...except they weren't incompetent and didn't suck.  Basically, they operated liked terrorists: lone agents, disconnected cells, no central office.  Kill one and it didn't faze the rest.

B613, on the other hand, in the middle of a terrorist threat to the President of the United States, gets every square inch of its ass smacked because Daddy Pope tells Liv just where Huck needs to hack.  Huck then shuts off the power, the phones, the innanetz, the change, the errythang B613 needs to do their jobs.

Just like that.

Lloimincia Hall: O...M...G

I know I'm supposed to be writing about Olivia Pope and all that jazz but...who cares?
Lloiminica Hall is not your average gymnast. She has thick thighs and brings rhythm, pizazz and straight funk to her routines. Hall, a junior at Louisiana State University (LSU), has helped her team grasp the regional title this past weekend and advance to the NCAA championships which will be held on April 18-20 in Alabama.

Hall is not new to this. She’s a three-time SEC Floor Exercise Champion and ranks as one of the country’s top floor exercise gymnasts. She is also one of six gymnasts in the school’s entire history to score a perfect 10
. (Source)
*shakes head* Southerners.


Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

Think we all need a drink after
that one, Liv.


These are not good "wows", mind you.  Remember last week when I said this show was (finally) trying consciously to mesh its conflicting premises?  That continued this week and uh, yeah...it failed miserably.

Usually, I try to do a recap of the show, but I don't want to this time.  One, because I suck at writing recaps and two, because I want to focus on themes and production this time around.

A "fixer" show is bright and colorful; everyone has fabulous outfits, they walk around during the day to an indie pop soundtrack ranging from happy to sad to wannabe-sexy to angsty.

A political thriller, however, is dark, 'cause you know...that's, like, the point.  The characters wear dark clothes, meet in shadowed rooms or at night, and for music there only two options: moody or ominous.


Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

I realize that we've missed a week, so this is going to be a double feature.

Last week, I was underwhelmed by Scandal until the very infamous end.  One reason is that I'm really irritated with what's happened to Olivia Pope & Associates.  In order to accommodate all the White House drama, the Associates have been pushed to the side, getting 5-10 lines per episode and barely serving anything resembling a purpose.  Quinn's only featured because she went rogue, started working for B613, and became a mini-villain.

In the desperate attempt to keep this show afloat and keep people talking, the original, unusual, and often amusing premise has been abandoned.  We've gone from watching a smart, educated, powerful Black woman - emphasis on "woman" - run a business to watching an emotional, damaged, unhappy Black woman (with serious lapses in judgment) spend all of her time taking care of a selfish, impulsive, immature white man.  Emphasis on "man".


That Didn't Take Long

Well, it’s already begun. The first official trailer for the Annie remake (starring Quvenzhané Wallis  and Jamie Foxx) has been released and the Racist Brigade is already out in full force. Some of the stuff I’ve seen makes the fanboy tantrum over Michael B. Jordan being cast as Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four reboot look like child’s play in comparison.

None of the hateful comments are anything I haven’t seen before, but I’ll admit they’re getting quite creative with their blatant racism. Of course, that old standby “I’m not trying to be racist, but” makes the expected appearance, so maybe I’m giving them too much credit.

And wait…aren’t these the same group of people who laud the concept of colorblind casting when Jennifer Lawrence was cast as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games or three white actors were cast as Aang, Katara and Sokka in The Last Airbender? The answer would be a big, fat yes, but it’s obviously only a good thing when it goes one way. And that way would happen to be their way.  Of course.


Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

Now see this...this is how you come back from a hiatus. This is the episode which should've aired last week. The other should aired before the hiatus began.


The episode begins with a huge shouting match between Liv and Fitz.  Liv has chosen Jake to be her public beau and Fitz isn't having it because Fitz "knows".  He may trust Jake with B613, but not with Liv (which, by the way, doesn't any sense.  If you don't trust him with Liv, you don't then hand him all the power, influence, and resources which come with B613 - like...duh).

Liv launches into one of her speeches about how she's not a hen in Fitz's hen house, or a prize he and Jake are meant to fight over, and that she can't win this election while being his whore.  You know...shit we've heard and seen before, usually before she runs back to him and climbs onto his still-married dick.

Quinn apparently hasn't learned her lessons; she still wants in on the clandestine action despite multiple warnings from multiple parties.  After telling Liv how Huck licked her face during their "session", she threatens Liv with a gun (and tears in her eyes, which made me raise an eyebrow).  Meanwhile, Huck is bringing Liv coffee every day as a gesture of apologizing for torturing Quinn, even though Liv doesn't drink coffee (he offers to bring her tea instead).  He then reminds Liv that she ruined Quinn's life, used Huck to save Quinn, then entrusted Quinn to a well-groomed monster - him.  In other words, Huck apologizes to Liv by telling her it's all her fault.