Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pope

These two characters share the same night, after all, just like Carter & Pope used to, and they're both lawyers (how about that).  And until the writers on HTGAWM decide to actually do something more with Michaela Pratt, she'll have to chill.

Pertaining to this week's episode...it was the best of times and the worst of times.  It was an entertaining episode and Viola Davis shone as always.  Annalise Keating's argument with her husband struck me as very real; she still had her wig off and at one point, Sam Keating had her pinned to their bed with his hand over her mouth.  And here's where the writers reveal something I did not see coming and would have never guessed about Annalise Keating.  Remember what I said about best of times/worst of times?

During the argument it all comes out - he was sleeping with Lila Stangard, who he claims was getting clingy and was "lost."
"Just like you found me. How you like your mistresses — weak and broken messes you just clean up," she says. Sam insists that Annalise was much more than a tawdry affair, but she quickly retorts "Tell that to your first wife." (Source)
Oh, yeah. They went there.

And now we are back to the one big problem I've always had with Shonda Rhimes: her infuriating obsession with adulterous women.


Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pratt

Tell me I'm not beautiful. Say it.
I dare you.
So sorry, ladies. Didn't meant to take so long with this one.
How is this episode just the fourth one of the season? We had a maniacal hacking up of a corpse, a high-rise suicide, a ground-breaking gay sex scene, and Viola Davis taking off her wig and make-up on air. Oh, and a philandering husband’s sexting. If that doesn’t sound like a season finale’s worth of cliffhangers, I don’t know what does. (Source)
Couldn't have said it better myself.

This is the episode everyone can't stop talking about, and precisely for the aforementioned reasons.  The "wig scene" is historic, for in moment of vulnerability, Annalise Keating removed her God-awful wig to reveal her natural hair and scrubbed away her makeup in a daze, then flatly demanded her husband explain why his penis was "on a dead girl's phone."

*** Did I mention spoilers? ***

That the simple, wordless wig scene is considered historic and earth-shaking in 2014 provides a sad, sad commentary on the state of our society.

The wig scene comes after another powerful yet noticeably unsung scene in this episode.  Annalise's client, Marren Trudeau (Elizabeth Perkins) is charged with insider and training, and over the course of the episode, it's revealed the two women are old friends who've known each other for decades.  Marren points something out: Annalise has been with Marren through it all - divorces, lawsuits, and and an assortment of other messes - and yet Marren knows absolutely nothing about Annalise.  And it's apparently not for a lack of trying, because the enigmatic Annalise smoothly avoids having a "deep" talk with Marren.


Meet Tracy Drain

This weekend, I had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Tracy Drain, a mechanical engineer at Jet Propulsion Labs.  She's currently on the NASA team that's sending a probe to Jupiter, and she came out as a keynote speaker at a conference I attended.  I was super-excited because Tracy is a rarity in the field: a beautiful, bubbly sistah with the enthusiasm of a child and the brain of a rocket scientist.

Being a science nerd, and particularly one of astronomy, I was captivated.  Tracy's roots are in Kentucky, and she spoke candidly of her path to the stars.  As a child, she was fascinated by the solar system and wondered how scientists knew so much about its formation when they weren't alive to see it.  She demonstrated an aptitude for math and science, and a very wise college counselor set her on the path to JPL and NASA.  Tracy got her master's in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech, landed a series of coveted internship and worked her way up to Lead Systems Engineer for JPL.

She didn't have to talk abut how hard it had to be to get where she is.  You all know like I know that it was not easy.


Black Girls' Night Out: Abbie and Jenny Mills

You know, I've got to say, for some reason Sleepy Hollow just feels slightly off to me this season.  I don't know if it's the pacing, Katrina's storyline, or the fact that the Horsemen are no longer all that interesting since they've been downgraded to a spurned lover and a bratty son. 

But since I loved the show so much last season and hate not being completely engaged, I'm really hoping it'll pick up steam soon.

"Root of all Evil" (2x03)

In this episode, we were introduced to a new character, and I'm still not sure how I feel about him.  I'm talking, of course, about Nick Hawley, an Indiana Jones-type antiquities dealer who just so happens to be in town when Team Witness needs his expertise.  He's also supposed to be Abbie's new love interest, so there's that.  I'm not sure how I feel about that either, but I digress.

He didn't really stand out to me all that much, but in fairness, it was his first episode.  Since he's going to be a recurring character this season, they still have time to develop his character further.  But it is interesting to note that he apparently knows Jenny.  Hopefully, his presence will be used as a way for us to get to know more about her and her past travels pre-Team Witness.

Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

I don't even know why I bother anymore.

On the one hand, Liv appears to be back.  When a wealthy couple tries blackmail the Grants with a sex tape featuring their son with the Grants' daughter, Liv tears into them in a way we haven't seen since, like, Season One.  That was quite possibly the main highlight of last week's episode.

The Fails

#1 - Liv back in the White House on a job

I thought we'd established that that was one thing which did not need to happen anymore.  When Karen Grant escapes her Secret Service guards and flees to a party 500 miles from school, things quite predictably go South.  Whom does she call?  Liv.  Who rushes to her rescue?  Liv.

Who thanks Liv by trying to have sex with her in the Oval Office?  Do I even need to dignify that one with a response?


Gothic Sisters: Gladys of "MisSpelled" (@lacizee)

If you're not watching MisSpelled...I don't know what you're doing with your life.

This show has damn near everything we could ask for.  Curvy, all-brown, all-female cast, fabulous natural hair, awesome outfits, and wacky magical adventures. Actress/singer/writer Lindsey McDowell both create and wrote MisSpelled, AND stars as Gladys, a witch who has to watch what she thinks because whatever she thinks - and I do mean whatever she thinks - happens right away.

In fact, Gladys's difficulty controlling her power is sorta, kinda what sets things in motion.


Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

Back when our "Olivia Pope" series was "Carter & Pope", I used to love watching Scandal while I loathed having to sit through Person of Interest.  Now, I love watching How to Get Away with Murder and really have to force myself to sit through Scandal.

The TV gods have a strange sense of humor.

I can barely remember this week's episode and I only just watched it last night. I recall the Charlie/Quinn dysfunctional romance being revisited.  I also recall nobody gives a shit about that romance - I mean, can we talk about the actress's plight?  Pretty women are made to kiss/pretend to have sex with straight dogly in Hollywood men all the time and it's seriously creeping me out!

But I digress.  But I like Katie Lowes and I give Quinn credit: when she calls her fellow gladiators out for not noticing she was gone for a whole day (Jake and Charlie held her hostage), and that it's negligence like that which allowed Harrison to get got, I grinned.  During her tirade we learned that it was Quinn keeping tabs on OPA, Quinn tracking down Olivia and Harrison, and Quinn keeping tabs

Liv is feeling out of place and out of sorts with her home city so she goes to visit her dad.  He even goes so far to offer to dine with her and Jake, who bluntly reminds her she's not his girlfriend and will not be having dinner with her and Daddy/Command.